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by istarii 24/09/2019
the lord of the rings argonath

During our studies, we got an idea — a quite crazy one — building our own company before even hitting the job market. Not because we had a unique product in mind that would change the face of the earth (as always). Instead, we wanted to prove the world (a little) and ourselves (mostly) that we can be successful in pursuing the biggest challenge of our life. Indeed, all three of us share this belief that building ourselves as independently as possible is an essential part of our blossoming. The vision of the company would only be the reflection of that will.

From then onwards, we never stopped thinking about that future. What should we do? How should we do it? Would it be too risky? From all those questions, and the experiments we conducted to answer them, is born istarii. The name itself though comes from our shared love for The Lord of the Rings. More precisely, it comes from the name istari, which in an elvish tongue means “Wise ones”. We don’t want to sound too pompous, but it illustrates our desire to bring our knowledge of the latest information technologies to everyone willing!

Therefore, istarii will conciliate two aspects dear to us, consulting and innovation. This means that istarii will offer a broad spectrum of services; going from the simple showcase website to sophisticated mobile applications using data science to maximise the interactions between a business and its clients. It will also leverage the newest cloud technologies to create a new work culture within companies helping them reach new horizons.

Meet the stout-hearted istari!

Thibault Hermans picture

Thibault Hermans

Passionated about tennis at least as much as about IT.

Florian Vanhee picture

Florian Vanhee

“I never let work unfinished”

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tim renière istarii co-founder

Tim Renière

– “I’m as good at sarcasm as I am at programming.”
– “Is that so?”
– “No.”

About us

istarii is a young and ambitious company that aims towards digital transformation for all!

We provide a full range of services going from websites creation to mobile applications development. Contact us, we provide a free estimate for your project!

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