Is Flutter really the future of development?




Is Flutter really the future of development? 

Nowadays, there are many technologies available for mobile and web application development. Knowing which technology is best for shaping your project may seem confusing, but understanding the impact of that choice is also complicated. 

Converting an idea into a native application is not something easy and is becoming more and more complex. Devices and technologies are constantly evolving, that's why it's imperative to take into account different operating systems (iOS, Android,..) but also different types of devices (smartphones, tablets, cash registers) of all brands and different sizes when developing.

In terms of methodology, the era of the developer in his corner delivering a finished product is in our opinion to be abolished, it is important to create a real relationship between the developer and the client, which is why technology must be able to adapt to a new, more agile and iterative methodology.


The growth of mobile-first

For a few years now mobile development has been booming and the number of applications is constantly increasing. In 2020 mobile traffic passed the symbolic mark of 50% of global internet traffic. Everyone wanting their app present on the two main platforms: the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

However, this objective implies the development of two or even three distinct native applications in order to achieve this presence on mobile. This very quickly represents very high development costs given that each version requires different tools and programming languages but also long development times. This is why we decided to opt for an innovative solution...


We have decided to develop in Flutter!

Florian Vanhee Co-founder @istarii

Why develop with Flutter ?

  • Flutter allows from a single code base to develop web but also mobile applications (iOS and Android).
  • It allows us to create multiplatform applications that are extremely powerful and dynamic.
  • The development cost of the application is therefore decreased as the same code can be reused.
  • It allows a time saving estimated on average at 30% less which is considerable.
  • Iterative development that follows your growth.

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So yes in our opinion Flutter is the future of development, it offers us a great flexibility that allows us to better match your daily needs, it is a great ally in the evolution of your business. In short, this technology allows us to offer more competitive development costs, reduced lead times, great portability and easy evolution of your project.

Would you like to know more? 

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