How much does a mobile app cost ?

How much does a mobile app cost ? 

From totally free to hundred of thousands of euros, you can find a bit of everything about the conception of mobile apps! In this paper, we break down with you the multiple costs related to the creation and the usage of a mobile application.

Whether you wish to develop your business or simply make a new idea come true, building a mobile application has certainly come to your mind. Nowadays, more than 3 billion people own a smartphone! The available market is therefore gigantic. Moreover, the number of smartphone users is increasing steadily.

 Trop souvent, lorsqu’on parle de développement d’application, on ne mentionne qu’un coût unique: le coût de développement de l’application. Celui-ci est évidemment le plus important, mais loin d’être le seul! Que se passe-t-il si vous voulez rajouter une fonctionnalité à votre application ? Ou si elle plante ? Comment est hébergé le serveur de votre application (si nécessaire) ? Dans la suite de cet article, nous allons reprendre point par point les différents coûts qui surviennent dans un projet de développement d’application mobile, le processus de développement d’application et comment s’y retrouver ? 

1. The bill of specifications

Firstly, one thing you do not want to neglect is the establishment of the bill of specifications. This bill will usually be established in collaboration with the provider in order to guide you through the details you might not have thought of and to help the provider understand all your needs. 

However, you want to be flexible regarding the bill of specifications. Be sure your provider intends to frequently show you the progress made on your application, and not only the final version! This way, you will be able to make changes more quickly and put your project back on track before you waste all your budget.

For this specifications step, costs can go from 250 to 1000€, depending on the complexity of the project.

2. The development

We are now in the most essential part of the project: the development of your mobile application. This step is the longest and therefore, is the most expensive. Those costs are the ones taken into account by online estimators (such as here or there).

In those estimators, you will usually find the same cost indicators: design quality, platform (iOS, Android or both), log in or not, connection to a website, advanced functionalities etc. However, each estimator will display a different price for your project, and these prices can sometimes vary quite a lot. Why such a difference? Because it is simply impossible to determine with precision the price of an application based on just a few questions. A better solution consists in contacting agencies to get a good idea of the amount you might have to pay. Some of these agencies will propose free estimations, which is always a plus.

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For this development phase, count between 1 and 12 months depending on the complexity of your mobile app, and a minimum budget of 5000€ for a straightforward app. For an “intermediate” app, the budget can range from 10000 to 50000€. For a more complex application, budgets do not technically have a limit, even though the 100000€ boundary will rarely be crossed.

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3. Publication of the app

Before publishing your app, be sure to test it and if you find any bugs or problems, report them to your provider. Usually, this test phase, as well as the publication, are included in the development price. But be careful, the release does not mark the end of the road! You now enter a crucial phase where you have to make sure that your application is maintained up to date.

4. Maintenance

The maintenance represents a long-term cost for your mobile app. But why should you keep paying? Well, simply because your app has to be kept updated with the evolutions of iOS and Android, and because you want bugs to be rapidly fixed; nobody likes a buggy app! Usually, your provider will propose this paid service after a warranty period of 3 to 6 months. Generally, the prices are established under an annual fee that regroups hosting, updates and bug fixing.

For maintenance, anticipate about 15 to 20% of the initial price per year.

5. The future of the application

Your mobile app has been created and is under maintenance, it’s up to you now! You have to stand out from the existing competition, and this is why you always have to think about new ways to improve your app: redesign, new functionalities, changes based on user reviews, etc.

Some of these changes can be included in your maintenance contract, while others might induce new costs. However, progressively adding new functionalities can lower your initial cost, and it might avoid you to pay for useless ones. Therefore it would be wise to find an agency that will provide quality code, to make future changes easier!

In summary, developing a mobile app takes time and cost money. Despite that, the market is quickly growing, and a mobile app allows to reach a high number of potential users.

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